Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of the site

This question does not have a clear answer, since the cost of a site depends on the type of project and a number of other factors, such as the programming language, functionality, type of business industry, etc.Each site requires a unique approach. That`s why we create individual websites. We will ask you questions, understand the requirements of your business and estimate the cost of the site.

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How long does it take to create a website

The time required to create a site depends on the complexity of the site and the required features.Landing pages require 4-6 business days, e-commerce and e-learning platforms require about 50-60 days

How does the programming process work?

1. data collection

Together with you, we discuss the requirements of your business, so that our team will represent your expectations and implement them

2. Planning

The workflow starts with the planning stage. We study your field and develop a business strategy based on the complexity of the project, functional features, number of employees, deadlines, etc

3. Offer

At this stage, we present a proposal for the implementation of your business requirements.With this offer, you get an idea of our workflow, goals, deadlines, and budget.If an agreement is reached, the NetForNet team moves on to the next round.

4. Design and programming

At this stage, NetForNet creates your order. We attach importance to high quality and unique design. As our partner, you have the opportunity to follow the entire course of programming.

5. Verification / testing

If we are talking about code, then there are also technical errors. Although some errors may be future technologies, our quality assurance specialists check to make sure that in the final results (website / app) no errors.

6. Release

After correcting all errors and shortcomings, as well as obtaining your consent, we release the site / application.

7. Support

After the launch, we provide support and constantly keep in touch with the client: After the release of our management system(Admin),you can easily manage your website/app